How It Works

Squeeasy dual fuel bottle has been designed with the end user in mind.

If you have individual gel portions you can dispense these directly into the pouch, the pouch then screws into the base of the lid. (The pouch can hold up to 120ml (4 fl oz)).

Fill the bottle with your choice of fluid to the easy-to-read fill markers on the side of the bottle:- the top marker if you are using one portion of gel, or the lower marker if you are using two portions of gel.

Screw the lid with the pouch connected onto the bottle as normal and you are good to go. The switch mechanism has been designed to show clearly which compartment the bottle is set to – especially important when you are on the move. The nozzle works in the familiar up or down motion to open or close the valve and is shaped to be both ergonomic and comfortable. The bottles themselves have been designed to maximise their volume while maintaining the smallest profile available, as well as fitting securely within any bottle holder. The bottle can be purchased in two sizes; the larger 750ml (25 fl oz) which we call the PES Elite or the smaller 550ml (18 fl oz) which we call the PES Pro.

After use, simply unscrew the lid and pouch. The bottle and lid can be cleaned either by hand or through a dishwasher (the pouch is best cleaned by hand). The opening has been designed as wide as possible to allow most tap heads to fit inside. Being a soft-flexible material the pouch is best cleaned using warm water and rubbing any excess gel out.

For a deep clean the lid and mechanisms have been designed to fully dissemble. This is carried out by depressing the two prongs underneath the lid and pushing the components upwards.